Garage Door Rollers Replacement Portland D-L

Portland Garage Door Rollers Replacement

The garage door is a collection of numerous components working independently and jointly. This is to ensure easy and smooth operation of your garage. However, just as it is the norm with mechanical devices they may hit some glitch from time to time triggered by mechanical failures, deformations, wear and tear, inappropriate component operation or just mere expiry of their workable period. One such important component of the garage door is the rollers and here is a safe guide on how to undertake garage door rollers replacement safely and correctly.

Materials needed:

  • Pliers
  • A clamp
  • A Pry bar
  • A flat-head screwdriver
  • The new rollers for replacement

How to proceed?

Proceed this way. Open the garage door completely and keep it open all through, you can use some object to hold it apart if it won’t stand on its own. Place the clamp on the track at a distance about two thirds from the door opening. Using pliers pull on the release rope to free the door. Disconnect the garage door from the power outlet to ensure safety during the subsequent operations. Open the tracks by slightly bending them towards their top. Put the first roller in line with its opening then using the screwdriver wedge it to settle between the track and the roller after which the old roller is removed.

More Steps In Garage Door Roller Replacement

Slide in the new roller then insert it back in the track. You then down the door and repeat the same process for the next rollers. The top roller will not be replaced conventionally after the replacement of all of the bottom four rollers since it will not get in line with its opening. The track should be bend back to get it aligned after which the door is rolled open followed by bending portion of the track lying in the middle at the overhead section.

Replace the door opener

The last roller is then pried out and replaced after which pliers are used to bend the tracks into their original shape. The clamp is then removed from its attached track and the door opened plugged back to its place. Replace the door opener by pressing on the button that controls the door’s operation which should see it re-attached automatically.

And don’t forget to

Check for any anomalies by opening and closing the door to watch for anything unusual. Adjust all the tracks by first loosening the bolts then using a pry bar for moving the track through small increments until you are at the desired position. Ensure all the screws are well tightened to avoid the door vibrations loosening them too quickly.

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