Garage Door Opener Replacement-Portland D-L

Portland Garage Door Opener Replacement

The garage door opener is a very important component of the garage door. However, it working is subject to its condition and once in awhile a repair may be needed but in the cases where a repair cannot suffice then you will have to prepared for a high jump conducting a garage door opener replacement. However before you jump into the process of replacement you have to ascertain that the opener is the problem otherwise you risk conducting a costly yet unnecessary program.

What you need is

Here is what you need and how to proceed once you have set out to replace your garage door opener. The Materials Needed To Execute A Garage Door Opener Replacement:

  • The new opener for replacement
  • A ladder

The Process Of Garage Door Opener Replacement

The garage door opener comes with most of the equipment needed for a successful installation. Once you have everything in place. Mount your opener on the ladder and by use of a scrap lumber raise it to the required height until its rail is directly aligned with the door’s center. You may also place boards under the opener to raise it to the required height. It is important that the door stays open during the whole process and you may use locking pliers to hold it apart if it won’t stay open on its own. This makes the installation process easier and quicker.

Using strong angle iron hang the opener in place.

Using strong angle iron hang the opener in place. It is important to purchase and use your own angle iron since most of those supplied with the openers are in most case not strong enough for proper mounting. For openers exceeding six inches an angle brace should be attached for elimination of sway. If the installation is occurring in an unfinished garage, the angle iron may be directly attached to the available joist with one inch lag screws, while 3 inch lag screws will be needed for finished garages.

More Steps…

Once you have installed the new opener it is important that you replace all the other components that are needed to directly work with the opener. This is to ensure that all the devices put in place have uniform designs and specifications, of which a mismatch will render the door nonfunctional.

Check & fine

You now have to check and fine tune the closing and opening force of the door. This is done by remotely switching the door open while having your foot resting on the door. The door is expected to stop by application of any minimal force from your foot as a safety measure. In cases where the door still pushes against the foot then the power can be fine-tuned by adjusting the screws that control the opening and closing force until it is in place.

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