Portland Garage Door Chain Repair

The chain is part of the pulley system that is involved in the door opening system and is connected to wheels to bring the connection needed. There are several technical failures that the chain can exhibit and some can be easily repaired and this means that the chain should be regularly inspected for early detection of any problems.

What should be lubricated?

It is important that you always keep in mind that a garage door chain repair might involve very careful examination and for this reason it is recommended to call in for the assistance of a technician. Due to its location at the top side of the door section the process of repairing it would require a ladder and for this extra caution should be observed. Among the most problems the chains do exhibit includes rusting and this may affect the system movement and sometime a complete jam. For this lubrication will be effective. The entire chain system should be lubricated probably by use of grease. The wheels should be lubricated in this case as well.

Dealing With A Broken Chain

If the issue is more complicated, disengaging the chain from the system is required. A broken chain can be fixed though this depends on the magnitude of the problem. Sometimes, the joining pin may be broken or loosened and this can be done by gently fixing it back using a light hammer or so but a chain fixing machine would work more effectively. Replacing the pins requires the use of strong pins that will hold the segments in place.

Please note

In the event of detachment to the wheels, there may be several factors that may be the cause and this can be repaired. In the case of a loosened chain, it is advisable to reduce the length of the chain. This may be done by reducing the chain segments usually disintegrating the extra segment and reattaching to the free one. Make sure the length achieved does not become too stiff again as this may be ineffective to the system.


Positioning the chain system wheels to match in position will assist straighten the chain and make it work best. A small difference in the position of the wheels will bend the chain and this brings unnecessary stress that may cause the chain to detach off the wheels. If the chain is completely broken, it should be replaced to avoid multiple failures in operation. Always remember to switch off the system during any repairs if the wheels are electrically powered.

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