Garage Door Carriage Repair

The garage door carriage plays an important role in opening and closing of the door. During closing and opening it rests and travels along the rod of the screw drive. It also plays an important role of contacting limiter switches. The switches are important for stopping the door in correct positions when open or closed. Garage Doors Portland can help you even now!

In case of malfunctions

In case of malfunctions it may fail to hold on the drive as firmly as it should or keep skipping when in motion or at rest. When the two scenarios show up then it is time you thought of conducting a garage door carriage repair to continue having an uninterrupted access to your garage and here is a simple guide on how to proceed, though it may vary a little bit depending on the specific model.

Materials Needed To Execute A Successful Garage Door Carriage Repair

Latex gloves
Step ladders
Socket and ratchet
A Wooden block
Lightweight bicycle grease

The Procedure

Pulling down on the release cord will disconnect the screw-drive rod and the carriage then close the door. Disconnect the plug from the electrical supply while working on a step ladder. Move the ladder to the screw-drive fore end attaching to the garage door. Pull out both the cotter pin and bolt by use of a pair of pliers.


Lifting the screw-drive’s rail end, securely insert a wooden block to be sandwiched the door-top and the rail’s underside. By sue of a nut driver loosen the hex-head screws on either side of the carriage and remove them followed by removal of the assembly’s side. Pull out pins holding the cord release in place and release the mechanism.


Reposition the ladder to gain access to the motor’s rear end. Check for the appropriate hex head bolt and the right socket. Take the carriage assembly out to the rail’s outer end by rotating the bolt’s head in a clockwise direction then remove the carriage. Conduct all the necessary repairs.

Apply some grease

Apply some grease to the screw-drive end using your hand, remember to have your gloves intact when applying grease since contact with the skin may have danger to your health. Position the carriage’s larger end towards the rail’s outer end then fit it on the rail. Rotate the motor’s bolt located at its back repetitively in an anticlockwise direction until it fits well on the rail and holds firm to it.

Put back the release-cord

Put back the release-cord mechanisms with saved pins and reattach the removed part of the carriage assembly together with the nut driver and machine screws. Reattach the door’s upper end with the carriage assembly by putting back the cotter and saved pins. Plug back the electrical power wires from the power outlet.

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