Garage Door Belt Drive Opener Repair

Garage door belt drive openers ought to be keenly inspected from time to time to effectively diagnose and analyze any issues that arise from the frequent usage of the garage door openers. It’s obvious that the door openers are prone to wear and tear with time, especially due to the intense friction generated during use. Our technicians at Garage Door Repair Service know everything about it.

Inspection of Garage Door Openers

Therefore, inspection of these garage door openers is absolutely crucial to help come up with timely repair solutions before critical domestic accidents occur. Conversely, these overhaul remedies can be effectively implemented right at home. As much as the garage door belt drive opener repair might sound difficult to carry out, the task is absolutely very easy, more of a do-it-yourself errand. So equip yourself and allow me to take you through how you can successfully repair your garage door belt drive opener without having to involve a third party to do it for you at a cost.

What You Will Need For A Garage Door Belt Drive Opener Repair

You will primarily need some necessary equipment in your toolbox to carry out the errand. These include a flat head screwdriver, a hammer, a socket wrench and a crescent wrench. You may also require a flat piece of wood in case your working area is sloppy.

How to carry out the actual garage door belt drive opener repair task

First, you want to turn off the power that runs the garage door opener. This is more of a precautionary measure. After all it would be quite heedless to undertake such a job with a sacrifice of your own safety. Once you are sure that no power is running through the system, you are ready to go. Use the flat head screwdriver to pop out a spring attached to the traveler that holds the belt. This should loosen the belt, leaving it only affixed to the retainer by a clip.


Use the crescent wrench and the flat head screwdriver to snap off the clip and remove the master drive chain to allow you to smoothly release the belt’s teeth from the grooves in the sprocket. Now use the crescent wrench to loosen the pulley. Remove the nut and bolt holding the pulley in place. Pull out the pulley from its hole and slide out the belt. The garage door belt is now free. You now want to carefully inspect it for any dents, clogs or rusting. You may use the piece of wood and the hammer to counter any dents or bends.

Last step

Use a wet piece of fabric to wash off any dirt or clogs on the belt. In case of rusting, use a sandpaper to scrub it off. Nevertheless, if the belt is too worn out to service any longer, you might want to consider replacing it with a new one. And that’s basically all you need to know. Its however important to note that when reassembling the whole system; ensure fastening all the screws properly to prevent any spillage of lubricants. The belt should also be ensured to smoothly slide in its respective grooves.

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