Garage Door Adjustment Portland D-L

Portland Garage Door Adjustment

The garage door just like all other appliances at home require adjustments. A garage door adjustment will usually involve two things. The garage door springs and the door track. The door track is the one that guides the door and the spring controls the weight as it moves up and down. Making adjustments at home is easy, this also depends on the difficulty level. The torsion springs are on a difficult level and will often require a technician. Simple tasks such as checking for loose bolts are easy. Push the door back into place and tighten the bolts. By the way professionals at Garage Door Repair Portland Service are willing to help 24/7.

Adjusting Does Not Always Mean Dismantling The Door

Adjusting does not mean dismantling the door. It generally means making minor corrections and improving the door operation. Always check the adjustments to prevent wrong adjustments which can make the door not to work. The first and most important step is adjusting the garage door track. It’s the easiest of all and the most common cause of garage door problems. The track is usually attached to the door frame with some metal clips. The clips got slots in them that allow side to side adjustment. It’s very important to leave some room for the rollers to move in and out of the sleeves.


Safety is important and you should only loosen the track you are working on and not all. Loosen the lag bolts and slide the bracket to the best distance then loosen the clips and get the track where you want it to be. The lag bolts should be tight. The overhead track has a single point of adjustment.

The distance

The distance between the wall and the door track in relation to the overhead track should be equal. The adjustment should not happen with the door up. The brackets and the slots in this case have additional holes. Loosen the bolts or remove them in case you want to use a new hole. You should then move the end of the track closer or far to the door as you find appropriate. At least the track should be parallel to the door. A half or three quarters away from the door is the recommended distance.

More Steps…

Tighten the bolts and then check if the door is now operating. Never stand underneath it as it may come down loose and may hit you. Adjusting the door track to the weather-stripping is also important. The clips have slotted bolt holes. Close the door and you can now locate the weather-stripping. Loosen the bolts and move the track towards the framing. Do not tighten it so much. Tighten the bolts back and then check again if the door is functioning properly.

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